"The RoseBouquet"

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"The RoseBouquet"
Eating My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant

I told you some time ago, and showed a photo, of the jumbo aloe vera plant in the window right by my desk. It was tipping the pot over so I decided to cut a big leaf almost daily and scrape out the inner gel for smoothees. I still have about 4-5 leaves to cut and use up. I have been staring at the plant and pondering whether there will be gel I can rescue from the stem to which all those leaves were attached. There is scar tissue where I cut some of the leaves off, but I don’t know if that goes deep into the stem.

June 16, 2020, What's New!
Summa Borscht Recipe

We had a nice long visit, and when I mentioned that I was making Summa Borscht for my supper, Ernie suddenly longed for that summer soup too, but he didn’t know where he’d find the zorrump (English: sorrel). Well, I have it growing in my garden under the big tree. But I told him you can usually find it in the ditches in rural areas. But since you don’t know how far and wide the farmers have been spraying for weeds, it is a good idea to wash the leaves very very well. Or, as I told Dad years ago, dig up a few plants and bring them into the garden. Then they will be safe to pick.

June 16, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Garden and Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant Update

In the last couple of days I’ve had some friends inquire about my garden and my jumbo aloe vera plant. So today I will give you my progress reports with photos. The Vegetable Garden On May 25th I wrote about preparing my garden for the man with the rototiller to come work up the soil. […]

June 15, 2020, AVTS
Making Websites Private and Safer

Last week was exceptionally busy. Mainly with a business matter that I had to see through over several days. (Though I did have a visit of a friend on Friday afternoon to help me with sowing more flowers here and there). You see, in recent months I’ve had problems with emails bouncing back and saying that it is because the “source is of poor reputation.” Huh?? Then I got word from one of my clients (a ministry) they were getting such bounces too. Well, I’d heard of a Virtual Private Network

June 9, 2020, At My Place...
A Short Garden Update

By last Friday I could see my radish rows pop up, less than an itch tall, but such a welcome sight. Saturday was overcast and raining steadily most of the day. So… I decided to shopping for raspberry canes, and a soil tester. They were all out of the black raspberries. The man said he’d tried to order them from many sources, and no body has black raspberries any more.
However, he still had red raspberries and also a yellow one called golden harvest. These were more expensive

June 9, 2020, What's New!
Stunning Humming Birds!

Would you like to see some stunning humming birds in slow motion? You have to marvel at their irridencent throats and hoods! My friend Shirley (one of two), sent me a link to a video that is absolutely stunning. It shows several different kinds of humming birds – in slow motion. You actually get a good look at them and their brilliant colours. I think you’ll find this to be a treat!

My Garden Saga Continued

My Garden Saga continues. You will recall that I got a rib fracture the Saturday before last week’s RoseBouquet. This was not as painful as the vertebrae fractures last year, so I just bit down on my will-power and carried on – starting the seeding of my garden the next day. The tilling was done about 6 pm on Monday. Tuesday evening I took about an hour and a half to rake and seed my first six twin-rows. I was able to manage with my rib only paining me when I carried the watering can or used it to water the rows I had just scratched with my hoe. Then again as I watered the rows after I had closed the rows. Perhaps I should pause to describe my

June 2, 2020, At My Place...
Stacey’s Way of Using Social Media

I have to admit that I haven’t had much patience for social media marketing, but last Wednesday evening Stacey Hall, who has advanced in a number of businesses she’s involved in just in the last couple of years, was sharing her plans for a “Go for Yes” Challenge on Facebook. She is doing a Daily LIVE video for these 5 days in which she shares her tips. From what I heard her say last Wed. night I thought I might .

June 2, 2020, What's New!
My Garden is Tilled!

Yes, my garden is tilled, as of yesterday late afternoon. But last week was full of delays. It took me over an hour to pull the weeds on the west side of the garden last Tuesday evening.
I was going out right after breakfast the next morning to get at the west side weeds, when it started to rain. I backed off. It rained all day – a slow soaker kind of rain, and then during the night there was a strong electrical thunderstorm with vivid flashes in the skies. Thursday morning the sun was out again, but then I gave up.

May 26, 2020, At My Place...

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