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Password Problems

My sister in Ontario has had me on the phone nearly an hour now with problems logging in to her blog. We have struggled together over the phone (until my ear is numb) with ways to get help. After quite a while we discovered that we were not working on the same site! (Crazy, isn’t it how little misunderstandings can blow a problem all out of proportion, eh?)

We got on the site of her new blog, and it wouldn’t recognize her password. I could login but she couldn’t. I couldn’t find where to quickly change her password, so I created a new user, but now her computer got confused and wouldn’t let her sign in with her own username and password. So I had to pretend to be her, click the link “forgot password” (even though we had not!) and enter her email address so that she would be sent a temporary password so that she could get in to change it again.

Whew! Does that make you tired too?

I’ve had to deal with login problems many times over the years, and rarely has there been someone I could ask for help so I had figure it out or stumble around on the internet until I found a solution, either through Google or on some forum that explained how to solve the problem.

Here’s a few basic rules I follow carefully:
* Always write out a password before you type it in the first time.

* Make sure that it has letters and numbers and punctuation marks that you can memorize. (Make them stand for phrases you make up)

* But don’t count on your memory – write all the login info and links at which you do so in a black binder – or some special reference book!

* Sometimes you have to give in and pretend to have forgotten the password even if you KNOW it perfectly, so you can get a chance to re-do it inside in your account.

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