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Problems With Photos in the RoseBouquet Blog

You may not have noticed, but I had problems the last couple of weeks with putting photos into the blog edition – and thus into the ezine edition too.

I’m used to uploading the photos to a folder in the blog section of my website, then insert them into the blog posts using the URL method. The last few weeks that did not work. Last Tuesday I took time to research into the problem and discovered that WordPress has decided to discontinue the URL method.

Well, it is possible to upload a photo into a post…. (not my favourite method). But the problem is that when I prepare the email to mail to my list, the method there is to link to the same URLs that I used for the photos in the blog. Hmmm!!?

I can think of another way. (Sigh!) But it will take some time to pull off.

I can create new web pages just as fast as blog post, but I have not yet designed the new Responsive design for the ruthes-secretroses.com website. If I use the old/current template for a new page, it will be hard for those with smart phones to visit and read the post. (Well, with the fuss of stroking their screens left-right, up-down to read it all).

But if I go to this method, is there any point in keeping the blog? Maybe not.

Besides, doing away with it, would clear up the problem with hackers subscribing to the blog in the hopes of breaking into the site. It is easier for them to do that through a blog than through a static website.

Hey, I just checked and had to delete another 60 so-called-users! I’ve installed a plugin that is suppose to help with this. It does allow me to block the IP address of all those who do this, although I don’t believe these are all humans. There are hackers who can program their robots to create fake users, in an effort to break into the blog. Even if they don’t get full access, they know they are frustrating the owner.

So maybe in the long run it will be wiser to save up all my past posts, delete the blog altogether, and just do a webpage version for those who like to read my weekly RoseBouquet that way.

If you are a faithful reader friend, who has been going to see my posts on the blog, you might be wiser to subscribe to the ezine list. It will show up in your email then. Well, if your whitelist my mailing list email. Oh, when I announce the new address of the RoseBouquet on the site, you can bookmark that page and go there to read it.

I have not yet completed the rebuild of my business site, but that should happen this week. I have intended to do the Aloe vera site next, as the book (ruthes-secretroses.com) site is over 1000 pages, so I was planning to put it off until some time next year. However, if I can get a template created in Responsive Design for just the RoseBouquet corner of the site, then it will be easy to make this change.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress in this possible direction. But I think I will skip photos until that happens.

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