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Rainy Day Garden Tour

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with garden photos just about every week, but when I saw this morning how much bigger the plants were than yesterday, I decided that I couldn’t resist today. (Some of that greenery is weeds, but I’ve been trying to finish weeding the front flowerbeds first, and then – in another day or two I’ll work on the patio area and to weed the garden. Weeds have amazing growth energy!)

daisies have started to bloom beside 
front path - more soon!
Here the daisies are starting to bloom in the front flowerbeds. Just wait; in another week or two they will be much more abundant!

West side of garden this morning after rain 
and more to come!

This is how the garden looks this morning on the west side of the path. The plants have grown an inch or two overnight!

East side of  garden -Roma Tomatoes& 

Here we are on the East side of the garden, where I started seeding. The Roma tomatoes are up, as is the spinach.

healthy, thriving radishes this year!

Back to the west side, where those bushy green plants are my healthy, thriving radish crop. (I’m eating a handful once or twice a day).

French Breakfast (type) radishes 
make great raw snacks -slight -peppy taste

Here’s a close up of the radishes – this brand is called French Breakfast.

hoping for great 
canteloupes from that middle row with the large round leaves!

Ah, I’m getting high hopes for great canteloups from that middle row with the large round leaves!

that's a row of pumpkins in front of the bins

There should be a good crop of pumpkins/squash from that row in front of the bins. We’ll just have to wait until the end of summer.

French Marigolds along both 
sides of path - lacy leaves

Oh yes, and the French marigolds are popping up everywhere! Particularly along both sides of the path, but they are popping up like weeds all over the garden too. They will be blooming before long in vibrant and loud colours, and they will not stop until the snow covers them! They also keep the mosquitos and flies away. (Also some creeping ones like slugs, etc.)

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