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Something BETTER Than a Foundation Wrap

As I mentioned last week, I was still hoping for two projects to get done this fall, the cutting of the elm tree, and a foundation wrap of a tight wire weave around the house to keep the mice out. I’d committed both projects to the Lord, as I was not sure how to make them happen.

Gary has not come yet to cut the tree, however I got a call from a friend, who wanted to confirm my mailing address. We got to chatting about a few other things. I remembered that he used to do some carpentry jobs on the side to help support his family when his ministry income was low. So I asked him if he was still doing that. (…thinking about the wrap).

He said, no, he had given that up, but he could recommend a friend of his, Mitch, who would do a good job. So I called Mitch, just to ask. Well, he is fairly busy, but he has a handyman that he can give some jobs like mine to do.

They both showed up on Friday and I gave them a tour around the house to see the foundation, and then inside to show them my basement and where I saw places where the mice could enter through gaps at the top of the basement walls.

(Actually, when I saw Mitch’s helper I recognized him as Peter, who became a Board member at Impact Canada before I finished my last term there).

I had to admire Mitch’s good business sense. He advised that it would be far better and less expensive for me, if instead of doing a wrap around the foundation, they would work at closing off those gaps in the basement above the walls.

Now, as my basement is my “Resources Warehouse” I had stuff piled up on homemade shelving units at those walls, so I said if they would give me a Saturday, I’d clear those space so they could get at them.

We agreed on this. So Saturday I spent over 3 hours folding empty boxes and packing things together and off to the other side. I even vacuumed and washed the floors at the two main areas on the north side facing the hill of dirt that is under the front 1/3 of my little house. I also cleared off the top shelf on the south side, where I KNOW I have felt drafts even though I couldn’t see them.

Yesterday, (Monday), before I’d had my breakfast, they were both at the door and we toured the basement again. Mitch explained to Peter exactly what he was to do, where to start and how he should crawl into the “hill of dirt” space to cover some cold air returns for the furnace, for I’d wondered aloud if the mice were using those aluminum pipes as their fast-track tunnels to other parts of the house. Mitch had bought at his wholesale source, some of the wire mesh rolls that I had found online. Peter was to use special metal snips to cut that close wire netting to fit in all the open spaces.

I was brought up to provide lunch for your workmen, so I invited Peter to join me for perogies and farmers sausage with gravy at noon. We had a chance to catch up on his family news. He got married and they have a young son since I had last seen him. Peter was not quite done by 5 pm yesterday, but he was back shortly after 8 am this morning and is finishing off the job. Every time I go down to look I am impressed at the neatness of his work. I am more and more convinced that this winter I shall NOT have to fight continual mouse wars!

Oh yes, Mitch called yesterday when he had left here, and said he was looking at some large traps for me. He described them and asked how many I would like. They cost about $34 each, but each one can trap several mice, and it is easy to open the trap door and drop them into the garbage bin. So we’ve placed them outside, one at the back of the house and one at the front. They are loaded with rat poison pellets.

Mitch has advised that I check them every day or two for a while.

God is good to me. I had never dreamed that such helpful services were available to me. It pays to ask HIM to solve our problems.

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