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Sorting My Harvests and Seeds

Well, I’ll soon be quiet about my garden for a number of months. I’ve been harvesting the crops, and also the flowers for seeds, and I’ve raked sections of dried vegetation together. Now I need to spade up some trenches to rake the vegetation into them and then close them over so that that dead plant matter can turn into compost for next summer’s harvests.

my complete beet crop for 2020 - 
pathetically small - 2 largest beets on sidewalk

This was my complete beet crop for 2020 – pathetically small, the 2 largest ones lie on the sidewalk.

this was my entire carrot crop for this year! - eaten 
in one meal

Oh, by the way, my carrot row was hidden under the squash and zucchini. Poor skinny things! So I washed them, trimmed the ends, and tossed them into a stir-fry supper. I ate that whole crop in one meal!

On Sunday afternoon I started sorting my seeds. Whoa! Do I ever have a lot of Seeds! I’ve set trays of the marigolds aside to dry thoroughly or they will go mouldy. (A few did!)

I don’t want that. I’ve gone through my small jars and some envelopes of seeds, and labeled them in a fresh, more organized way. I’ve also bought a box of 250 small brown envelopes, so that I can prepare packages to share if anyone is interested. I may have to make up an index list or little brochure catalogue so you can see what the choices are.

I’ve also dried trays full of plaintain, malva, dill, and mint. Those are now crumbled and put away for teas in the winter. (But I have enough to share, if you are interested).

The biggest harvest has been of the marigold flowers – which, when dried, are the seeds for future flowers.

2 buckets like this of marigold flowers 
for seeds some still left in garden

I picked one bucket full like this on Friday evening, and then another on Saturday afternoon. I left a number alone as they were still blooming just fine. I’ll harvest them later, if the snows don’t beat me to it by covering them. 🙂

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