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Summa Borscht Recipe

On Sunday I had a call from my brother Ernie and his fiancee, Dorothee. Yes, they hope to get married in Steinbach, MB. on July 18. They were hoping that all their 18 children and grandchildren and us siblings could be there. But it now appears that may not be possible. So they will wait to the end of this week. It all the relatives cannot come, they will do their vows in front of a video camera, and then plan for a big event for the merging of their families next summer.

We had a nice long visit, and when I mentioned that I was making Summa Borscht for my supper, Ernie suddenly longed for that summer soup too, but he didn’t know where he’d find the zorrump (English: sorrel). Well, I have it growing in my garden under the big tree. But I told him you can usually find it in the ditches in rural areas. But since you don’t know how far and wide the farmers have been spraying for weeds, it is a good idea to wash the leaves very very well. Or, as I told Dad years ago, dig up a few plants and bring them into the garden. Then they will be safe to pick.

In case you have never had this yummy borscht (soup) in the summer time. I thought I’d share my recipe.

For one or two people, just fill a medium pot about half full of water. If cooking for a larger family, use your largest cooking pot.

Add a chunk of smoked ham with a bone in it. (This was the way Gr’ma made it). For myself, I just cut up about 6-10 inches of smoked farmers’ sausage, and drop the pieces into the pot.

Cut up some onion, diced or sliced as you prefer.

Add salt to taste. (up to a tablespoon full if using your biggest pot).

While the meat starts boiling, peel and dice up some potatoes and add to pot.

While that is boiling I go out to the garden and pick a good handful of sorrel leaves, and some more of chives or green onions. I wash them and chop them up fairly fine.

I also add a hearty pinch of fresh or frozen dill.

You can add fresh buttermilk. (That makes it taste so wonderful! But I have trouble using a quart up for other dishes, so I’ve taken to keeping some powered buttermilk in the cupboard and I just mix up a cup full with water for the borscht.)

If that doesn’t look and smell just right yet, I add a hefty tablespoon of sour cream too!

Okay, time to load up my Biggest Soup Bowl for my first serving!

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