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Technical Updates & My Favourite Programs are Back

Just a quick update on my “Business Pivot”…. I think I’ve just about finished the rebuilding of my business website. I want to add some monetization links today yet, but then I think it will be okay to let it stand until I can start working in time for new articles to add, etc.

I am planning to start this re-build plan with the aloe vera website next. It has about 140 pages, so I suspect it may take me the rest of November to finish it.

For a number of years I’ve been using a program called Quanta Plus for designing web pages. However, when I had my recent computer issues in October, I learned that it is no longer kept updated and so not recommended.

I’d heard of Brackets which was suppose to be somewhat similar, and so installed that, but over the last couple of weeks it has given me a lot of frustrations and tension. it doesn’t look quite the same in layout and it has a crazy habit of closing if I go away from the computer for awhile, like to make lunch, etc.

On Friday evening I had to install a newer version of a program I use for my bookkeeping. As I was doing that I sort of muttered silently to the Lord, that I wished I could have my old Quanta back. I missed it! Then I remembered that I do have older versions in my 2install folder. Maybe I
should try it.

Well, I had to make several tries and it wasn’t coming out quite right… but as I glanced over a file I had made some time before my eye caught a line where I’d explained that after this one program was installed I would also have to install Quanta+. Oh, right! I did that next, and behold, I could open Quanta Plus as I was used to seeing it.

As it was getting later, I decided to close that for another time, but rejoicing, I went to open the bookkeeping program I had installed a bit earlier.

At first it seemed to want some library installed first. I was rather leary of that, and so went to Google and asked, “What does Calibre Library have to do with KMyMoney?” Up came a pdf manual for KMyMoney, but no mention of this library.

I decided it must have been a fluke. I tried to open KMyMoney and presto it was there. I just had to tell it where my financial record files were, and YES! They showed up just as they should!

It was too close to midnight to get started on that, and filling in the numbers from the past 2 weeks. But I went to bed rejoicing that two of my favourite programs were installed and active and in good working order.

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