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The Snow is HIGH!

As forecast last week ( remember I mentioned a storm coming?) we had some snowfall on Saturday, but the winds were not so strong yet. On Sunday we had a blizzard all day long and hardly anyone moved. We stayed put. At least I did. I could attend church online, LIVE, write a letter, and I had a nice long nap after lunch.

I woke up refreshed and puttered around a bit, answering some emails, having another light meal for supper, and then it was time for our ESL class on ZOOM. This is becoming quite popular, we have mostly Chinese students, but now they are from across Canada, and even in other countries. We average 30-36 people on a Sunday evening. (We used to meet at church before the worship service in 2 separate classes; one with a translator and another all in English).

Now, instead of trying to be done within an hour and a half, we often go to two hours, and some like to stay on after that to discuss the Bible lesson in more depth with the Chinese leaders.

I switched to editing a book for an extended family about their parents’ backgrounds and lives of ministry across the prairies.

About midnight I was ready to shut down and go to bed, but I decided to step into the back porch and see how much snow we had got through the day. This is what I saw! (Please excuse the glare of the yard light reflecting on the door window).

We had been fore-warned that we might get 15-20 cm of snow. That would be up to 8 inches, but that snow-cap on top of my grey recycling bin looks to be 24 inches to me! What do you think?

Well, I’m not really afraid of shoveling snow, but I thought that I would do it in short spells of 15-20 minutes, starting Monday.  Yesterday (Monday) after breakfast I bundled up in my boots and parka and came to the back porch to fetch my shovels. Ah, but they were out on the porch and there was so much snow in front of that door, that I simply couldn’t open it any more than about 3 inches – that with pushing hard at that snow drift! I simply could not reach those 2 shovels leaning against the wall!

Through the porch windows I could see my neighbour on the east side, Rene, shoveling snow on the sidewalk going past his property along Ave. I North. I decided to see if I could get to him around from the front door and ask him to come clear the snow from in front of my back door.

The snow in front of the front door was not quite a deep or heavy. I managed to push it with the door far enough so I could squeeze out. But all I had to work with was an old broom. So I used that to clear off the steps.

I wasn’t done yet when I felt a sudden POP in my chest. “Oh no!” I thought, “I’ve cracked a rib right near or at my sternum!” I paused for a minute and then decided that I had to keep working and just refrain from much shoveling for the day. With the broom I batted the upper layers of snow away in my path to the city sidewalk.

However, each move brought out fresh pain in my chest, so I gave up, and using the broom as a cane, I high stepped through the snow – which came up just below my knees, and walked to the corner, and then called out to Rene. I explained my problem with the snow at my back door. I asked if he could come clear the snow from my back door so I could get my hands on my shovels.

I had to remind him that we have narrow 1 foot swinging gates on either side of the fence that comes up to our houses from the back. He would be able to get around that way to get into my back yard. He agreed.

So I went back inside and into the porch to watch for him. But now he had to clear a path around his outdoor barbecue, to his little gate, around the fence post, through my little gate. All the while he was throwing up clouds of snow that made the drifts of snow much higher than they already were.

I called to him through the porch windows, that he was really going the extra mile! (I had thought he would just high-step through the snow the way I had done in the front). Rene kept shoveling up to my steps, just taking out enough snow for a single person path, and then shoveled away the snow at my door.

Finally, I could open it and reach for my shovels. A small aluminum one and a big wide blue one. When he saw that I had what I wanted, he went back to his shoveling on the public sidewalk past his property.

Now that I had my shovels I decided that I’d rather sit at the computer and work quietly to give my chest a rest. I’d see about some shoveling later in the afternoon.

Instead of shoveling though, I made a chicken/cabbage borscht in my crockpot so that I’ll have soup ready to warm up for the next few days.

Meantime, someone, I’m not sure if it was Rene or not, came and shoveled the snow from my front path. Another stranger I didn’t recognize came by later with his snow-blower, so my public sidewalk is cleared.

I really just need to concern myself now about clearing the back porch and the path through the garden to my tent garage and my car. There maybe snow outside of the gate to move too before I can drive anywhere. But I have no urgent reason to go anywhere.

Today my chest pain is almost gone, and when I went after breakfast to see how the porch deck looked I found this.  Yep. Still there. But the sun was shining brightly yesterday and looks like it will today too. So maybe in a couple of weeks the snow will all have melted away and we’ll need these photos to prove we are not lying about the amount of snow we got this past Sunday.

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